2004 – Japan National Championships

The 2004 Japan National Championships took place in Summer 2004 and was a Round Robin Tournament. The Master League was played in a Double Battle Format using cards from E1-PCG2. The Senior League played Single Battle Format also using cards from E1-PCG2.



  1. Shigeru KandaCradily ex / Kabutops  Cradily Kabutops
  2. Gardevoir / Slaking  Gardevoir Slaking
  3. Armaldo / Claydol  Armaldo Claydol
  4. Salamence / Poliwrath / Cacturne / Ninetales  Salamence Poliwrath Cacturne



  1. Go MiyamotoLudicolo / Magcargo  Ludicolo Magcargo
  2. Ludicolo / Magcargo  Ludicolo Magcargo
  3. Koujiro Tsuruta – Metagross / Deoxys ex  Metagross Deoxys-A
  4. Salamence ex  Salamence

Huge thank you to @K_da10mo for helping source so many of these results


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