YouTube Channels

Below are a list of YouTube channels which provide useful content to Retro Pokemon TCG. If you would like your channel added to this section, especially if you focus on Retro content please contact me.

Pokemon TCG Archive:

My personal channel where I’ve uploaded Tournament Games, Interviews and hopefully more content in future like Deck Profiles or Games.

Jay’s Advice:

Jay is one of the top players in the games history, and has started uploading retro deck profiles with modern takes on lists with great detail.

Drunk Shuckle:

One of the few active YouTube channels focusing on Retro content. He has provided countless deck videos including fan requests on the WoTC era of the Pokemon TCG.

Snowpoint Cast:

A new channel focusing primarily on Retro content! Deck profiles and tabletop games from a variety of years, including more recent ones.


A Japanese YouTube channel dedicated to Retro Pokemon TCG battles! A lot of their content include interesting Rogue decks, even some involving cards never released outside Japan!

Tricky Gym:

While not focused on Retro, he has made plenty of old format content and has started a Throwback Thursday series featuring tabletop games and deck profiles.

Celio’s Network:


Another great channel focusing on modern content, he has started deck profiles and tabletop games on Retro content as well!

Trainer Chip:

Again while not focused on Retro content, he has a series focused on detailing Retro Decks, and is starting up some tabletop games!

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