Base Set

Alakazam / Gyarados:


Pokémon (21) Trainers (23) Energy (16)
4x Energy Retrieval
3x Computer Search
3x Professor Oak
3x Switch
3x Item Finder
2x Pokémon Center
2x Pokémon Trader
2x Maintenance
1x Lass
12x Water Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy
Proxy Deck




Base Zapdos

Pokémon (13) Trainers (36) Energy (11)
4x Professor Oak
4x Bill
4x Computer Search
4x Item Finder
3x PlusPower
3x Defender
3x Lass
3x Maintenance
2x Pokémon Trader
2x Energy Removal
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Scoop Up
1x Full Heal
1x Gust of Wind
11x Lightning Energy
Proxy Deck  




1. Haymaker

Pokémon (12) Trainers (32) Energy (16)
4x Bill
4x Professor Oak
4x Energy Removal
3x Gust of Wind
3x Scoop Up
3x Energy Retrieval
3x Item Finder
2x Super Energy Removal
2x PlusPower
2x Lass
9x Fighting Energy
7x Lightning Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy
Proxy Deck  



Rain Dance:

Base Blastoise

Pokémon (16) Trainers (30) Energy (14)
4x Professor Oak
4x Computer Search
4x Energy Retrieval
4x Pokémon Breeder
3x Bill
3x Super Potion
3x Switch
2x Item Finder
1x Maintenance
1x Super Energy Removal
1x Lass
14x Water Energy
Proxy Deck  



Most lists are originally made by Jason Klaczynski. If you wish to learn more in depth about WoTC formats in particular, I highly recommend you check his blog here:



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