2006 – Japan National Championships

The 2006 Japan National Championships took place in September 2006. The tournament consisted of 2 Swiss events in the morning and afternoon, with results being combined to determine final rankings. The morning event was in the PCG6-PCG9 format, and the afternoon event was in the ADV1-PCG9 format.



  1. Lickitung δ / Eevees  Lickitung Eevee
    Gardevoir δ / Scizor  Gardevoir Scizor
  2. Dragonite δ / Metagross δ  Dragonite Metagross
    Banette / Lunasol  Banette Lunatone Solrock
  3. Koji Kanno – Lickitung δ / Eevees Lickitung Eevee
    Gardevoir δ / Scizor Gardevoir Scizor
  4. Flygon δ  Flygon
    Rayquaza ex / Electrode ex / Birds  Rayquaza Electrode Zapdos


  1. Go Miyamoto – Lickitung δ / Eevees Lickitung Eevee
    Banette / Ninetales  Banette Ninetales
  2. Flygon δ Flygon
    Rayquaza ex / Electrode ex / Birds Rayquaza Electrode Zapdos
  3. Feraligatr δ / Ninetales δ  Feraligatr Ninetales
    Banette ex / Jynx / Jynx δ  Banette Jynx Jynx
  4. Raichu δ / Marowak δ  Raichu Marowak
    Tyranitar / Cessation Crystal

Huge thank you to @K_da10mo for helping source so many of these results


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