2010 – Japan National Championships

The 2010 Japan National Championships was held in June 2010. The tournament was divided into 8 blocks with a Round Robin structure with the Top 2 players qualifying for the final 16. It was held in the DP1-LL format



  1. Luxray GL / Garchomp C  Luxray Garchomp
  2. Sho SasakiGengar / Garchomp C / Vileplume  Gengar Garchomp Vileplume
  3. Takuya Yoneda – Garchomp SV  Garchomp
  4. Gardevoir / Porygon2  Gardevoir Porygon2



  1. Hiroki Yano – Gyarados / Mesprit / Seeker  Gyarados Mesprit



  1. Luxray GL / Garchomp C  Luxray Garchomp
  2. Mew / Rhyperior  Mew Rhyperior

Huge thank you to @K_da10mo for helping source so many of these results


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