Welcome to the site!


Hello and welcome to the site! I’m hoping to make this a useful resource for people getting into Retro formats, or even those familiar to find new lists or see results from the past. I’m always happy to take on criticism as well as adding information or fixing any errors you may find. As of writing this I have provided lists and pictures for over 200 unique decks, so hopefully there will be something useful for you!

Below is a quick overview of each of the sections of the site.

Deck Pages:

I’ve included decks from each WoTC format as well as each World’s format from 2004 until 2013. I may be looking into expanding towards 2014 and beyond in the future. On each page for decks I’ve included a picture of the deck, a full list, pictures of each card in the deck and a brief description of it.

I’ve also included an option to “Read More” which allows you to see notable placements the deck has had in history, with lists where possible. Hopefully in the near future, user submitted “Modern” decks will be added, to allow you to look at recent takes on old archetypes, which is helpful especially in underdeveloped formats. I’m also planning on linking useful articles or YouTube videos related to the decks on this page, to make it easier to learn how to play them.

There is also a Proxy option for each featured deck! Just open the link for the deck you want and Print. If you want to remove any cards (like energy for example), you can just click on them and it will remove them from the page.

Standings Pages:

I’ve gathered Standings from each major tournament from the first Super Trainer Showdown in 2000 until the 2013 World Championships, and made each event (hopefully) easily accessible. I’ve done a lot of research to compile what is currently on the site, but if you have any new information or corrections on names, decks or placements don’t hesitate to contact me to fix it!

On each page, the name of the player goes to the players personal profile, where their most notable achievements are noted. The picture of the Pokemon accompanying the deck name redirects to that particular “Archetype”, including notable placements etc as mentioned earlier.

The “Other Events” at the moment contains mainly US Nationals, UK Nationals and the major WoTC Tournaments. Unfortunately some years and events have very little information on them out there, so some pages are a bit lacking.


I’m still unsure if I want this to be a part of the website, or whether I need to revamp it completely. However, the player rankings at the moment allows you to see how both players and countries rank in the history of the World Championships. Points are awarded based on both Age Division and Placement in any given year.

I’ve included each players most successful deck, and clicking on the name redirects you to each players individual page with their accomplishments.


I’m trying to expand this section to make it easy as possible for players to access general important information at any given time. Any more suggestions for what to add here are welcome!

Erratas provides a list of important historical changes to cards made by the official rules teams. This includes changes based on poor wording, mistranslations or just poor understandings. It’s important to note the date some of these erratas were issued, as cards were played differently in different years – a good example being Steven’s Advice.

First Turn Rules gives a simple account of what the first turn rules where per year, as well as a distinction into which rules differed compared to the previous year.

Useful Websites provides a list of websites that I’ve either found useful, or used to gather information for this website. I’m always willing to add more if necessary.

YouTube channels gives a list of YouTube channels with retro format content. I’ve included my personal channel, and tried to link to playlists for channels who have a mix of content (e.g. Tricky Gym). Feel free to contact me with channels I may have missed, or your own if you’re uploading content related to Retro Pokemon.

Worlds Booklets Scans links to scans of each of the Worlds Booklets given alongside the World Championship decks. It includes the lists of each of the Top 4 players in all age divisions per year, as well as extra information and pictures from the event!

The Future + Submissions:

In the near future I’m mainly looking to integrate user submitted decklists and content, which will hopefully provide an easy place to find as much content as possible for any given deck. If you’d like to submit a deck, please contact me through this website with a full decklist, the name you’d like me to credit you with, and preferably a clear image of your deck.

To go along with this user generated content, I will try to create pages for users so you can see what content they have contributed towards the website.

As stated earlier, I will be potentially looking to expand into later years, as well as lower level tournaments like Regionals and International Nationals to add more content to the website.

I will try to keep up a monthly update of what I’ve added to the website, and what plans I have for the future!

Special Thanks:

Thank you to:

Sam Collis – for creating the Proxy feature of the website.
Nath Bramald, Adam Hawkins and Robert Kinbrum – for advice, support and helping source many of the cards.
K_da10mo for providing most of the Japanese results on the website.

1 thought on “Welcome to the site!

  1. Joshua Cartagena August 15, 2020 — 7:10 am

    I am Joshua Cartagena
    2001 New Jersey 10 and under place 7
    2001 California 10 and under place 5
    This is awsome to see the list and even the deck I used. Whoever made this I would love to hear from you.
    20 years later, Still one of the best PTCG original ballers., -Joshua C


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